Hi, I'm Diamond Poison, and yes, that is my killjoy name.
I like good books,movies and TV series, but to me the most precious thing in life is music.
Music keeps me alive and my world revolves around it.
Tumblr is my fandom kingdom.
You can send me a message or contact me and I wouldn't mind, I would be happy to help/make new friends.
My blog is 80% about music and bands, 5% frerard (ofcourse), 5% youtubers and other 10% just some movies, series or whatever I found funny.
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  • I have a friend in the audience tonight, he’s called Bradley…”

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  • Harry’s reaction when the girl said ‘yes’ when his boyfriend proposed to her - 01/10/14

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  • If you think about human nature, our favorite pair of shoes are the ones we bought yesterday, our favorite thing is the newest thing that we have, and if you think about the thing we’ve seen the most and for the longest period of time, is our reflection in the mirror, so obviously, that’s going to be our least favorite thing.

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    Ed the fashionista [x]

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  • [GIF] - Vevo All Access: The Kooks

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